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Word Humor

Richard Lederer

The Bride of Anguished English
by Richard Lederer

Richard Lederer is back with more hilarious examples of English abuse and misuse. 

Anguished English: An Anthology of Accidental Assaults Upon Our Language

Richard Lederer's 1988 classic.  He says about the book: "Little did I know when I put together this book that it would become one of the best-selling language humor books in American publishing. What I've tried to do is gather together more than 25 different kinds of fluffs and flubs, goofs and gaffes, blunders and bloopers. And every one is, to my knowledge, authentic, genuine, and unretouched -- culled from thousands of specimens and submissions. I'm delighted by the widespread use of this book as laughter therapy."

More Anguished English: An Expose of Embarrassing, Excruciating and Egregious Errors in English

Another collection of accidental assaults on the English language which includes such witticisms as "Guests are advised that all fruits served have been washed in water passed by the management."

Fractured English: A Pleasury of Bloopers and Blunders, Fluffs and Flubs, and Gaffes and Goofs

Yet another popular work!

Crazy English: The Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language

Mr. Lederer returns with more English insanity.

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