Selected biographic details

Melanie Crowley is a native of Dallas, Texas.  She mastered the Texan dialect at an early age but has been able to successfully overcome that trauma in her adult years.  She has always had a talent for accents and language in general, and she is conversationally fluent in Spanish and Lakota (Sioux) and is well-familiar with several other languages, including Latin, German, French, and Italian.  It was her love of language which spurred her to create a web site devoted to etymology, and to turn that web site into a weekly web magazine including a column where readers' word-origin questions are answered.  It was Melanie who prompted Yahoo! to create a "Linguistics: Etymology" category in their web index.

Though Melanie has always been gifted in the liberal arts, her fascination with capricious Texas weather led her to obtain a degree in meteorology from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, under the tutelage of the world-renowned meteorologist John C. Freeman, Ph.D.  She graduated cum laude and as the outstanding meteorology graduate of the year.  She was also the first woman to obtain a bachelor of science degree in meteorology at UST, and she was immediately accepted as a member of the American Meteorological Society upon graduation.   She was even listed in Who's Who in 1987.  In addition to her achievements in meteorology, Melanie won numerous awards for English, Spanish and philosophy while at UST, and she was consistently on the dean's list as well as being a member of the philosophy honor society.  Since graduating she has continued her studies in etymology, languages, history, music, and meteorology.

Writing of all forms is an activity which Melanie enjoys greatly.  She has written several novels and short stories in addition to poetry and essays.  Her short works have been published in local publications as well as on the internet, and she has had several essays published in Realms Magazine, a Canadian periodical.  She dabbles in the visual arts, as well, and she has had her pencil sketches published in local magazines and has won contests with her work.  She has several works in progress, including a Renaissance phrase book, on which she is collaborating with her husband, Mike, and which they hope will appeal to Renaissance fair-goers.

While her husband may be characterized as a renaissance man, Melanie is a woman of the 90s, being a hard-working LAN administrator, a webmaster and web programmer/designer, a musician (she plays the penny whistle, hurdy gurdy, bodhran and other percussion, bowed psaltery, and other more bizarre instruments), an ensemble singer, a tutor, and not least of all, a gourmet cook.  Her web designs have won awards and international recognition. She has performed musically and vocally in several venues.  She is also the host of a humorous, half-hour video produced for the State Bar of Texas, and she was offered a career as a broadcast meteorologist.  She turned down that career in order to pursue her many other interests.

Some of Melanie's more mundane activities include tending her cook's garden, horseback riding (she's got a Tennessee Walking Horse), sea kayaking, hiking, and fishing.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and their three cats.

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